Outsource       Laboratory Ltd
Specialists in PCR Testing, Food Microbiology, Allergens and Speciation

 Welcome from Outsource Laboratory Ltd

We are a full-service PCR testing facility specializing in Food testing, Microbiological, Speciation, Allergens, GMO, Viral Pathogens 

Our mission is to satisfy all of your testing needs in an efficient and accurate manner . Turnover of results upon receipt is 24 hours, allowing, in many cases, positive release. .

From the first  contact  to the analysis request and beyond, we are always there if you need advice.

This testing does not rely on wet, subjective, traditional testing methods, some developed as far back as the 1880s. This is testing using the unique finger print of DNA and RNA by the use of the most state of the art polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology.

PCR is a technology that is based on DNA technology that is only around 30 years old. It has advanced rapidly, becoming more specific and accurate everyday. Just think if you could guarantee customer safety through the suply chain from raw material through to finished retail product. Customer confidence will be hugely elevated and enhance your brand as the prefered safest product. The authorities have the confidence of a certificate of analysis and not just a certificate of conformance, whether that be UK customers or a prime International customer requiring COA for export product. No recalls or withdrawals but guarantees.  But not let us forget the efficiency and the cost saving benefits your business could benefit from. One of our customers used to have a 3 week stock holding level until results were received, we have reduced this to 2 days. The electricity used for the storage has been reduced by a 1/3 - great move towards Net Zero.